Stuart Zolotorow

Capturing moments captivating hearts

Every photo tells a story, and each time I take out my camera, I feel like I'm being given a gift. My goal is to make my clients relax in front of the camera, and I believe I do that every time.

Capturing Images that Will Live on Forever

By Scott Zolotorow

The oldest memories that I have in my life involve my dad taking photos. Whether it was family vacations, O's or Ravens games, concerts, or just a nice day outside, my dad had a camera with him.

When you enter my parents house, you become immersed in a world of photography. There are photos taken by him on every single wall, of every room. And for him, every photo tells a story.

Everyone who knows my dad has heard at least one of his stories. But me, I've heard them all, some of them dozens of times and they never get old. He's met and photographed 3 of the 4 Beatles, all 6 Orioles Hall of Famers, and hundreds of other musicians and athletes.

For every photograph he has taken of a celebrity he has taken thousands of your every day, hard-working, 9-to-5 folks. And for every bit of effort he puts in one the photos of celebrities, he puts the exact same effort into any subject he works with. He'll call me to ask me to look at a portrait of a new doctor at University of Maryland hospital just like he'll send me a photo of the Willie Nelson concert he went to the night before.

When you look at a Stu Z photo, you see nothing but detail. I have spent the last 10 years of my life becoming a concert photographer myself and that's the only thing I ever focus on, the detail.

To be a photographer who captures an image that instantly becomes famous and lives on forever is an unforgettable experience – it’s surreal. It’s not the goal; we just want to capture a photograph. Yet, once it happens, a sense of responsibility comes with capturing such an iconic image. Some of my images have told stories, elicited emotions, and inspired people worldwide. These images are a testament to the power of photography and the ability to capture the human experience.