Client Reviews

Beginning with my last day in the Orioles Clubhouse in 1977, Stuart Zolotorow has photographed every milestone in my personal and professional life. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment, and Stuart captures it perfectly so you can relive the experience each time you look at his photographs.

Brooks Calbert Robinson, Jr.

Baseball Hall Of Fame 1983 Baltimore Orioles

Stuart has photographed our events for over 26 years. Not only is he a master behind the camera, he is a true professional. He has a unique talent for capturing portraits, groups, and decor while also taking a step back to capture the candid moments. Using his creativity and improvisational skills, Stuart will get the best picture no matter what! Highly recommended!

Judy Borns

Residential Title & Escrow Company

Stuart has done amazing photography for me for decades.  I have hired him over and over again for photo shoots for my businesses the Ruscombe Mansion, Hieronimus and Company, and he has done my wife’s family portraits (the Meyerhoff family) for years.  He has accompanied me on countless concert tours where we often received back stage access, and he was able to capture those fleeting moments with the celebrities with grace and precision.  His concert photos and photos of rock stars are legendary. 

The first word I think of with Stu is “truthful.”  He doesn’t exaggerate what he can do. He completes every project he starts. His depth of knowledge and understanding on so many subjects make for endless stories of great interest.  He is a gentleman.  He is kind.  He is true to his word.  He looks out for you.  He always goes beyond the project assignment and automatically does whatever needs to be done to find solutions.

No matter what I say, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Capturing moments captivating hearts

Photography is all about capturing the essence of a moment and freezing it in time for all to appreciate.